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About Sarah Antwerpes

You are invited to read my full formal bio below, but first – let’s start with some fun behind-the-scenes facts about me...

Organic food addict: I am a freak when it comes to organic food. No matter where in the world I am, I will find the best bio shop in town, and by the time I set off again, I will be on a first name basis with the owner. Organic food is not only great for our tummies, but also for the environment.

Proudly vegetarian: I have been a vegetarian for 10 years now. After watching one too many documentaries about how meat was being produced, I simply couldn’t eat it any longer. I have become mostly vegan now, but I still love my leather shoes...

Sarah Antwerpes Coaching

Charmed by interior design: What I love about interior design is the attention given to detail and the overall beauty a well-designed room radiates. I am totally fascinated by it and am currently learning more about it.

Happy when I work: I feel happier when I’m working than when I’m not. To me, what I do is so fulfilling; it’s a deep calling that drives me constantly, whether I’m feeling tired having been kept up all night by my little boy or  I’m cast away on a beautiful white sandy beach. I love my client calls and do them with so much joy. My work gives me energy.

Proud money lover: I love the feeling of achievement that comes with earning money. I believe that when you support others with something that is so profoundly a part of you, and you do it in a way that feels so joyful and natural, you’ll be rewarded with energy, vitality, love and yes – also with money.

Not the best driver: I drive way too fast, especially around corners. So to save my own life and those around me, I mainly let others drive me around, which makes me feel like a queen. Thankfully, my husband looks super sexy when driving, otherwise, I’d probably hit the gas pedal from the passenger seat. Yes, did I mention that I am not very patient neither?

A straight-shooter: If someone dances around trying to say something but doesn’t get to the point, I totally lose my elegance and turn into an ankle-biting terrier. Only when I am with my clients, I am on another planet and super loving and sensitive – still to the point though. I just can’t stand witnessing people  going in circles without anyone intervening.

The color red: I love red...could you tell? I adore it! If the color red were famous like Pink, I’d be that screaming teenager, dancing like crazy in the first row.

Sarah Antwerpes Coaching

The poet within me: Not sure if you got my wordplay there with red and Pink. Sometimes they are a bit hard to get – I still find them incredibly funny. I have been writing poems since I was a child, and I see myself more as an artist than a tough businesswoman. I constantly come up with new creative ways of delegating work and doing things differently.

Email wizard: Because I do things differently, my inbox always is super tidy, with my team to help me keep it that way. I have people who take care of formal emails that aren’t sent by my clients, and others who do my taxes for me, leaving all the admin stuff for me. I only read my clients’ emails, and maybe one or two newsletters about fashion and interior design. And yes, although I’m a master coach and I love personal development, the only newsletters I get are about fashion and design. I prefer creating my own solutions rather than reading about someone else's.

Fashionista: I passionately hate online shopping, and I looove small boutique stores. I love creating my own outfits and every single piece I own means something to me. Even though we have our own home now, I have managed to keep only one suitcase of clothes as I did during my 3-year trip around the world. It feels so light, saves lots of time, and is better for the environment.

And now on to the official part ...


Sarah’s offical Bio

Sarah is committed to nurturing powerful women across the globe, through attentive one-on-one coaching and intimate retreats. With a doctrine of affection and love, Sarah draws from over ten years of personal coaching and business consulting to bring out the best in her clients.

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Uncertain Beginnings

Sarah grew up in a household of politicians, surrounded by celebrities with the occasional camera team coming by for dinner. What sounds glamorous also meant that police cars were patrolling in front of her house when yet another threat against her family was made. Feeling constantly watched and being bullied in school for her father’s decisions, the fear of being her true self and being judged dominated her life. The demand to be perfect weighed down on her until, one day while at university, the pressure almost overwhelmed her for good. Standing by her bedroom window, she decided that she had found the only exit from her situation, and prepared herself to leap through it. In that moment, she heard a voice inside of her:“Stay! There’s a reason why you are here!”


That’s when her quest for purpose began. Later in life, after leaving behind her traditional career and founding her own business, Sarah sold and donated all her belongings and started traveling the world with one suitcase. In three years, she explored 21 destinations in 14 countries, such as Bali, Tulum, Ibiza, Hong Kong, New York City, and California. She not only grew her coaching business to 6-figures while traveling, but also gave birth to her beloved son Lilas. Today, Sarah lives on the beautiful island of Mallorca in Spain together with Jan, the love of her life and business manager.

While Sarah may have improved on herself, even she continues to receive coaching, and is committed to pursuing further inner growth. She has fully dedicated her life to helping women become the most powerful and authentic version of themselves.

Master Coach

Today, Sarah’s mission makes her spring out of bed in the morning  (even after long sleepless nights soothing her sweet toddler son). She is here to spend time with wonderful women like yourself and to support you in fully expressing your beautiful true self, both in your everyday life and in your business.

“You are allowed to expand, you are allowed to shine as bright and as beautifully as you like – leaving behind all fears of being seen or being judged!”

From celebrities to women who simply love to be seen with their powerful message, Sarah has inspired thousands to create a life and business that faithfully mirrors who they truly are. Sarah’s love for her clients imparts them with unwavering confidence, leaving coaching sessions equipped, motivated, and inspired to take further steps towards their success. Her work goes deep, connecting spiritually with her clients while remaining practical enough to be integrated into everyday life. Together with her team and through various partnerships, Sarah has lead seminars, group programs both on- and offline, an international online summit, and more.

Coaching Training

Sarah is also the founder of the Rosé Coaching Academy, providing unique tailor-made training & supervision for newcomer coaches. Instead of using a one-size-fits-all blueprint, Sarah teaches using a tailored approach that is one of a kind in today’s world of coaching training. She works intimately with each student to develop a successful coaching practice on their terms. Sarah and her team truly believe in coaching to the highest standard in the most respectful and loving way.

Loving Guidance

Sarah holds two business degrees, graduating with honors in Sales & Marketing and International Business, and is a published author. Before founding Sarah Antwerpes Coaching, Sarah worked in marketing & business development for companies like luxury automotive giant BMW, ITG – a leading edge pharmaceutical company that set out to cure cancer –and a best-selling author and 8-figure coach. Before dedicating her time to coaching full-time, Sarah launched an organic fashion label with the desire to promote conscious living.

Sarah Antwerpes Coaching

Though marketing and the corporate business world were tempting, Sarah came back to what has always moved her most: She remembered the time when her peers were putting posters of The Backstreet Boys on their bedroom walls while she started reading books by the likes of Tony Robbins and Mahatma Gandhi. Sarah had begun consulting coaches and hypnotherapists when a new world opened up for her: he soon started supporting family & friends emotionally - a reason why still today they say she is the born coach. Her fascination for personal development remained and Sarah has further educated herself in the area of coaching for the past 10 years. Among others, Sarah has received coaching in the areas of business, health, money, motherhood, relationships & sex, pregnancy, healing, communication, and emotional transformation.

"I absolutely recommend working with Sarah! Her work is all-encompassing. She goes beyond the traditional business stuff, acknowledging that lifestyle and belief systems and all that play deep into the success of a business. She loves what she does and she cares deeply for those who work with her. Having that unconditional love and understanding to support me is so wonderful.”

- Danika Brysha | International Self Care Expert, Founder/CEO of the food service company Model Meals, IMG Curve Model

Sarah’s previous and current clients include:

  • A former marketing manager for the cosmetics industry who opened up a line of eco-conscious package-free stores with no plastic wrappings

  • A 2-time TEDx presenter & sought-after international speaker who was named one of Canada’s top 150 health professionals, tackling one of the biggest challenges of modern times: device & video game addiction

  • A healer who lost her left leg during an accident in the Australian outback, now inspiring people to pursue their dreams no matter their circumstances, be it through speaking on stage or by rock climbing in the Alps with only one leg

  • An award-winning, high-class corporate coach at the age of only 26, training executives by day while spending her evenings doing headstands teaching yoga, in a luxury resort in Bali or on her rooftop terrace

  • An instafamous entrepreneur and curve model who has toured 70 cities across the US in 8 months, spreading the art of self-care while running her successful start-up

  • A former public school teacher who left her guaranteed lifelong salary to follow her heart and travel the world inspiring children in charity projects through juggling & artistic performances

  • A sensuality coach who, after being terrified of being on camera, went on to create a 7-figure online course empire teaching conscious sexuality and now offers a platform for other coaches to share their message

  • A 5-time European champion horseback rider turned copywriter & writing coach who supports other entrepreneurs in overcoming self-doubt and fully expressing their voice

"Sarah, working with you is one of the most amazing experiences of my life! My business and I have grown so much within the last 6 months. I never thought that this much transformation was possible, let alone in such a short time.”

- Vera Lara Zoda | Life Coach & Speaker | graduate of the Rose Coaching Academy